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mirror finish of stainless steel roaster - functional?

Kayde | Jan 24, 201208:27 PM

Does the mirror finish of a stainless steel roaster have any particular function?

After coveting the ergonomics, the sheer ease of my brother's roasting pan and rack, both with great big handles so perfectly placed, I took advantage of post-holiday sales and bought an All-Clad stainless roasting pan, which came with a nonstick rack. Sunday I inaugurated them with a slow-roasted leg of lamb, and then raised the heat and added some potatoes with rosemary - all were just delicious - and the pan was nice and heavy, perfect on the stovetop when I added red wine to the pan drippings.

After dinner I put them all in the dishwasher, as recommended. The nonstick rack was a bit duller, but otherwise fine, though some cooked-in grease still stuck to the roasting pan. I scrubbed a bit with a soapy plastic wool, wondering why, as I normally live with a certain amount of...let's call it patina. But the roaster came with such a mirror finish as I rarely see, and I can't help but think it may have a function.

So, do any of you know the answer? Have any good guesses?

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