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Last minute Chowhound Holiday Gifts


Not About Food

Last minute Chowhound Holiday Gifts

rworange | Dec 19, 2005 01:06 AM

... although they make nice gifts any time of year.

For a few lucky people I gave Chowhound Guides with a gift certificate to one of the restaurants listed in the book. An alternate was the book with a food product ... for example a jar of June Taylor Jam mentioned in the SF Guide.

If you haven’t bought those Chowhound guides yet, all I can say is I use mine all the time and have had some great leads. I may or may not try the recommended dish from the book, but recs have gotten me to step in the door of some terrific places.

I have yet to try the banana cream pie recommended at FatApples, but while checking that place out I found one of the best breakfast spots in the East Bay.

And, if these books sell well, there will be guides to other locations like LA.

Also, for anyone traveling to or living in SF, LA or NY, a subscription to Chow News will give people half a year of great eating ideas.

There are some interesting reports like “The Leftover Report” and “The Massive Potato Chip rundown” which make for some delicious and entertaining reading.

And here is an idea for two gifts for the price of one ... a subscription to Chowhound. It will help keep this valuable resource going so that you will have a place to get those outstanding food tips. So it’s a gift to yourself. It is also spreads a little Good Will to the Chowhound team and signals that you want them to continue with the work they do.

Links to the books:


Amazon has great overnight shipping. Most large and many small bookshops carry the guides ... usually in the travel section.


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