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Need last minute advice on a tomato tart from Chocolate & Zucchini book

karykat | Sep 20, 200911:38 AM

Hello all -- I'm making the roasted tomato tart with a puff pastry crust from the C & Z book this afternoon. I'm bringing it to a potluck about a half hour or 40 minutes away. The recipe says you can serve it at room temp. I know that the problem with these kinds of things is that the tomatoes tend to make the crust soggy. The recipe solves that problem in three ways: 1) it uses roma tomatoes, 2) it bakes the tart upside down like a tart tatin so the crust is on top and the tomatoes are on the bottom until you flip it out of the pan and 3) it uses sliced mozzarella between the tomatoes and the crust, which should insulate the crust. (Also tapenade but I'm skipping that.)

I just noticed after buying beautiful tomatoes that are not romas that the recipe calls for romas. You roast the tomatoes, then assemble the tart and bake it. She says to invert the tart after its cooled a few minutes.

After all that, here's my question: Think I can keep the tart unflipped until we get to our destination? That way, the juices will stay on the bottom and not soak into the crust. Think I would also put some parchment on the bottom under the tomatoes. And run a knife around the crust when it comes out of the oven.

Any other thoughts or tips?

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