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More about Mint in Chapel Hill

romansperson | Oct 22, 2008 06:43 AM

Decided to start a new thread on this place, as the old one got a bit off-track:

Lulusmom, Lulu and I visited earlier this week (Lulu is ADORABLE, btw!).

What we had:

Vegetable and chicken samosas

Those little potato pancake things (can’t remember the name, aloo ki tikki, maybe? They looked a lot like this:

I had palak paneer for my main

Lulusmom will have to tell you more about the eggplant dish she had

She’ll also have to tell you about the naan, since I didn’t have any

Gajar halva, a carrot dessert, which I had to Google to figure out! (the third one down on this page - We didn’t order this; it was a comp, which I thought was very sweet (literally and figuratively)! Really too sweet for my tastes, but I did appreciate the opportunity to try something I probably never would have ordered on my own.

Now I don’t know much about Indian food, so I’m afraid I can’t offer an educated opinion about it, but I can say I enjoyed it.

The vegetable samosas were spicier than the chicken ones and had a distinct curry flavor to them. I preferred the chicken, though – while I couldn’t pick out any distinct flavors (and that's probably one reason why I liked them - the ingredients all seemed to work in harmony and become something greater together), they had a very pleasant savory taste and texture to them that I really enjoyed. I would definitely order them again.

The potato pancake was just OK to me – I’ve always found these sorts of things to be rather bland in many cuisines, so these were a little better than average, being slightly spicy. But not something I think I’d tend to order on my own.

When I ordered my palak paneer, I was asked if I wanted it hot or medium, and I chose medium. Glad I did because it was pretty spicy – enough to make my nose run, anyway! Lulusmom told me my dish was spicier than hers, even though she told the waiter that she wanted her eggplant dish spicy. So I guess ‘spicy’ might be relative to the dish here. I would say that my dish was good but not great – this is one thing I’ve had multiple times in different places, so I can rate it at least in terms of personal preference. I think this one was maybe a little too heavy on the cumin. I’ve got some left over in the fridge to eat for lunch, so I’ll see if that opinion still holds up. This is one of those dishes that I think actually gets better if allowed to sit for a day or two.

The restaurant itself is very nice and definitely worth a try, I think. The goat curry mentioned in the old thread sounds intriguing, and I also love lamb, so I'll have to give those a go for dinner sometime.

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