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What is this mint?

greygarious | Aug 7, 2009 05:48 PM

Today I got a bunch of mint from an Asian grower at a farmers' market near Boston. It's not catnip - I can recognize the several catnip varieties common around here - but while it has a minty smell, there's also a skunky, musky undertone and flavor similar to that of catnip. Not having taken a whiff, I put a sprig in some Sprite and then found it unpleasant. It looks like the online picture of spearmint in Wikipedia, and has the square stem they describe for watermint. The picture of peppermint isn't great but it looks like that, too - understandable since peppermint is a hybrid of the two. I've rarely bought fresh mint and my thumb is sufficiently black that when I planted a clump that was overrunning a friend's lawn, it died.
Do I have an odd variety, or do I just not like fresh mint? (No functioning camera so I can't supply a picture - deeply-veined, serrated leaves about 1x1-3/4")

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