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Anyone ever made a mini cookbook?


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Anyone ever made a mini cookbook?

Pei | Jun 5, 2007 11:22 PM

I need to stay up late more often. These ideas just come to me. Has anyone ever made or received a mini homemade cookbook from a friend?

Let's say I get a printing company (shutterfly or something similar) to print up 10 or 12 page booklets for my wedding as favors for the guests, and set one book on each place setting. When the guests sit down and open the book, they will see:

Page 1: a few words of thanks for being there to celebrate
Page 2 (facing page): program of the evening's events (that's like three lines: eat, watch ceremony, clap, eat, dance, eat more, eat some more, interspersed by drinking).

Page 3: Her favorite cocktail
Page 4: His favorite cocktail

Page 5: Her favorite appetizer
Page 6: His favorite appetizer

Page 7: Her favorite entree
Page 8: His favorite entree

Page 9: Her favorite dessert
Page 10: His favorite dessert

Pages 11-12: our favorite all-day, very involved, long project to cook together

Back page: something heartfelt about how we both love our family, friends and our food.

The book would be interspersed with close up shots of some of our favorite dishes, which friends will recognize from parties, and maybe a shot or two of the two of us goofing off in the kitchen. I would also choose recipes that reflect how the two recipes in each section might be very different from each other they still complement each other (cheesiness alert: just like we do!).

My sister just gave me the idea that some dishes can be things that are being served at the wedding, and the drinks could be our signature drinks if we decide to have them.

Do you think people would enjoy this? Really think hard and be honest about whether a crowd of mostly people who don't care as much as we do about food would find this gift desireable. Alternatives are: set of ceramic measuring spoons, silver pear shaped salt and pepper shakers (pears are good luck), good chocolates, or a candy buffet. I'm also trying to keep things under $3 a piece.


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