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Ming Court - Magnificent Dim Sum and more.... that fit the most discriminating palette!


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Ming Court - Magnificent Dim Sum and more.... that fit the most discriminating palette!

Charles Yu | Mar 16, 2013 05:14 AM

Whilst one can find Boulangerie selling Baguettes in almost every street corner in Paris, the same can be said about Cantonese restaurants and Dim Sum in Hong Kong. However, quanity is one thing, quality is another matter!

Nowadays, with material and labour costs all playing a major factor in restaurants' operation, cutting corners, using mass produced Dim Sum doughs from China and machine grind meat fillings are becoming rampant. Establishments still using traditional, 'starting from scratch', hand made method for dough making or manual dual cleavers approach for chopping and mincing ingredients are becomng rare and few.

As such, I cannot help but become super excited when my wife's 'Bride's Maid', invited us for a Dim Sum lunch with Champagne pairing at the famed 2* Ming Court - one of few refined dining establishments that employs a whole team of Dim Sum chefs still using traditional approaches to Dim Sum making.

The result was one of the most impressive and memorable Dim Sum lunch experience I have ever attended. So refreshing and glad to see so mant traditional Dim Sum dishes made the old fashion way! A testament to the skill of the Chefs and the commitment of the restaurant to remain a 2*....and more?!

The newly renovated dining space was gorgeous, adorned with Chinese modern art and replica porcelain art work. Now comes the food!! For our party of four, we had the following traditonal and modern fusion dishes:

- Vegetarian Pot Sticker - sponge wrapping
- Foie Gras and Pork Pot Stickers with tradional thin wrapping
- Vegetarian Spring Rolls
- Shrimp and Pork Shui Mai two ways with Tobiko and mushrooms
- Shrimp Har Gow
- Fried rice with diced Silken Chicken, Pinenuts, Goji berries, Gai Lan in
Claypot infused with Shiao Xing wine
- Poached Baby Spinach with mushrooms and fresh Yuba Skin in Shang
Tong Broth.
- Shrimp eggs and Abalone sauce 'Lo Mien'
- Desserts Trio of ' Jello ' four ways, Syrup glazed Chinese Pretzels and
Mango Crepe rolls with roasted almond coatings

All these were paired with a Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne.

Once again, with so many dishes ordered, it would be unrealistic for me to comment on each and every dish. However, I will touch on the few outstanding and unique ones.

1- The 'Sponge' pot stickers were so fluffy soft and light. Its like eating a
savory Mashmallow!
2- The addition of Chinese Rice Wine to the Foie Gras and pork filling
was a nice match. Interesting and delightful.
3- Spring rolls were totally greaseless and the wrappings light and crispy
Fillings were very tasty
4 - The Shrimp Har Gow was near perfection! 13 fold wrapping,
taut, malleable and optimal thickness that remained intact when
picked up. Crunchy and fresh tasting prawn filling with diced bamboo
shoot. Super juicy!
4a - I'm not a fan of Shui Mai since I find most mechanically grind shrimp
and pork filling to be too densely packed, dry and unappealing.
However,the Ming Court hand chopped version renders the filling to
be loosely packed, juicy and a joy to eat!
5- The fresh Yuba skin in the perfectly cooked veggie dish has a
mesmerizing aroma and taste thats unfamiliar to us. Broth was full of
umami and tasted awesome
6 - Shrimp egg tossed noodles was very very good, IMO, even better
than 'Lau Sum Kee's famous version!
7 - The Mango Crepe with toasted almonds was a winner!! Man!
Was it good!!

Overall plate presentation might not be as fancy and visually appealing as Lung King Heen, but the taste of most dishes were definitely comparable or better! The 'dry ice' fog generator stand for the dessert was a cool touch!

A most impressive Dim Sum lunch that undoubedly ranks amongst my top 3 Dim Sum experiences!

Keep up the great work and may be use this as a base to build up for a future 3*??!! However, fancier plate presentation and more 'exotic' dishes might be needed to get through the hurdle??!!

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