Mineral B rust, and reseasoning, and ugh.


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Mineral B rust, and reseasoning, and ugh.

blissed | Feb 16, 2014 12:46 PM

I'm trying to fix my mangled skillet. I pored over the other threads, but don't see a clear answer to my concern: Is it OK to use a skillet if it still has some residual rust speckles after seasoning?

My well-meaning partner washed my newish, nicely seasoned Mineral B skillet and left it in a puddle of water in the drainer. I set out to clean and reseason. Scrubbing with salt barely dented the rust, so I got out the abrasive sponge and set to it. I worked really fast, scrubbed and dried and rushed the skillet onto a warm burner to dry off and added oil to season — but tiny rust spots appeared almost instantly as I dried it off.

I went ahead with seasoning, and I'll follow up with just salt and oil scrub and another round of seasoning.

But there are still speckles of rust. Is there any harm in using it? I keep hearing these are prone to rust but always salvageable.

Thank you!

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