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Minca and me: Off day, wrong order, or ramen philistinism


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Minca and me: Off day, wrong order, or ramen philistinism

Denis | Mar 16, 2006 01:21 PM

I went to Minca for the first time the other day, and ordered the namesake Minca Ramen. The noodles were nice, the pork was delectable, and the preserved egg was a pleasure. But the broth just tasted plain weird to me, in a way I find very difficult to describe--almost burnt-tasting, with an undertone almost of sourness.

I'm wondering if those who are more expert in this area than me think it sounds like something was amiss, or if that version is not a good choice generally, or if I just don't know what good ramen of that variety is supposed to be like. The difference, according to the waitress, between the Minca Ramen and their Basic Ramen is that the Minca is made with beef and pork broth, while the Basic is with just pork broth. Both supposedly have shoyu, though to me it didn't look like the Basic broth I saw had it. And it's hard for me to think the beef broth alone was producing the difference between the two. (I tasted my friend's Basic broth.) Please advise.

I've been excited about the prospect of exploring the city's ramen purveyors for a while, and this somewhat troubling experience at what's supposed to be one of the best is making me worried that perhaps this project won't, either because I don't know what to get or I don't at present have the right tastebuds, be I was hoping it would be.

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