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Minang Asli

TastyLlama | Sep 4, 2005 04:46 PM

New Indonesian, in Elmhurst!

Open 7 days a week, 10:30am-11:00pm
86-10 Whitney Avenue
Elmhurst, NY 11373

What a Weird place. Seriously. Right next door to some Excellent homemade Chinese noodles and dumplings, so you Will be able to eat if Indonesian proves too strange.

It's Very new, so maybe they just need some time to settle into what they do, but regardless, they have Enormous potential for celestial chow-satisfaction.

Nasi Rames Gulai Otak: #50 on the menu, described as "Beef bain with lemongrass-flavored in spicy coconut milk." Also, it's listed as coming with one Balado egg, jackfruit vegetables, and one side dish. And white rice, of course.

What came on the plate was a pile of white rice, a strange egg-shaped object, what looked like a side of spinach, and... well... a 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch x 6 inch slab of Brain. Wow. It looked heavily... internal-organ-tastic.

If you can past the very Visceral nature of the presentation, though, I can honestly say this one of the best things EVER. Mix the rice up with the 'spinach' (who knows what it really was, but it was green and good), cut the Brain into glorious, coconut-infused chunks, and eat it all together. Wow. Not for squeemish, I admit, but WOW. The Brain is like fois-gras... creamy and wonderful, No aftertaste of, well, anything unpleasantly Brainy.

A Balado Egg, apparently, is a hard-boiled egg, coated in some kind of bean-curd, cooked up, and covered in a tomato-based sauce. Not spicy at All, if that matters to you, and Quite an interesting side. Mmmm.

My dining compatriots (who were also paying, Thanks!) tried the Nasi Goreng Minang Special (#54), described as: "House special fried rice with chicken, shrimp, vegetables topped with fried egg." Oddly, as hard as one might look, there was No discernable shrimp, and only very Rare chicken. However: very very Very good fried rice. As I said, I think these are technical problems that will be ironed out, as they're still so new.

Other things were good as well; Perkedel, a cheap appetizer, were three small fried meat and potato balls. I'd also recommend Es Jeruk Nipis, the Indonesian style lemonade; as mightily sour and sweet as such a thing should be. Sadly there was no time for dessert, as they read very well; next time.

Go there! The Brains are calling for you!

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