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Minado Buffet: Rude service or is it me?


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Minado Buffet: Rude service or is it me?

MariaM | Mar 5, 2003 11:31 AM

I recently went to the Minado buffet in Little Ferry for lunch like I have several times before and brought a friend whom had never been. While it's not fabulous food, it's enjoyable enough and a different type of lunch option. My companion is on one of those no carb diets and was able to at least eat the sushi--sans rice. (Perhaps I should have been more considerate in selecting this lunch choice, but I didn't know) I proceeded to eat whatever I wanted. Because of the no carb thing, my friend was removing the rice from the sushi (they don't offer sashimi) and put it on an empty plate. There was probably 16 "rice balls" on that plate. At a point, the waiter came over to the table and said, somewhat sarcastically, "I'm just the waiter and we don't care, but if the manager sees you wasting food like that, you may be hit with a 20% surcharge for food waste." (There's a table placard that states this policy). My friend was mortified and embarrassed and I was furious. I had been to Minado a number of times before and witnessed what I would call food waste..this was nothing. We promptly "finished lunch" (no surcharge was applied), paid the bill and while I normally give a 15% tip--although the wait staff's responsibilities are minimal, this time I left the remaining 96 cents change as the gratuity and decided not to return. The waiter however couldn't let the matter drop. After using the restroom (located outside of the restaurant) in the hotel lobby, he waited for me to leave and then approached me with another comment about the gratuity and his wish to return it to me. The exchange between us was basically, "keep it;" "thanks for your generosity." My question is, did the waiter go too far (of course you know what I think!)? Could this have been handled differently by all of us? Should it have been addressed at all?

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