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rworange | Feb 19, 200810:39 AM

I was looking at an online restaurant menu that had …

Warm individual apple pie, cinnamon crust, mimolette ice cream

The name was unfamiliar. Searching turned up it is that pumpkin-orange cheese that looks like a cantaloupe. This blog had the best description.

“Mimolette is a beautiful cheese, the color of poppies, with an aroma like dried apricots and dates and citrus. The flavor is slightly sweet and deeply cheesy and savory, like a cheddar grown old and slightly world-weary after a life of indulgence.”

From Cook’s Thesaurus …

“mimolette cheese = boule de Lille Pronunciation: mee-moh-LET Notes: This French cheese is similar to Parmesan cheese, only it's a brilliant orange. Substitutes: Parmesan cheese”

The best info on the this cheese was from the San Francisco Chronicle

The 'lipstick plant' colors Mimolette

“The cheese's outlandish color comes from annatto, also known as achiote in Mexico or rocou (or roucou) in France. Annatto is a natural dye obtained from the ground seeds of the "lipstick plant" (Bixa orellana). Many inexpensive cheddars owe their orange color to annatto, but the Mimolette hue is particularly strident. “

It seems you can buy it at various stages of aging with the taste changing as it matures …

Mimolette jeune : 3 months
Mimolette demi-vieille : 6 months
Mimolette vieille: 12 months
Mimolette extra-vieille: 18 months or over

Looking around for some pairings besides apple and pears, turned up this stunning looking platter that takes advantage of the startling color of the cheese and pairs it with dried fruit and nuts.

The same site has a gorgeous (and delicious sounding salad)
Crispy Salad with Mimolette shavings and bacon. Here’s the picture.

Another recipe there was this unique way of using the cheese in a truffle combined with bittersweet chocolate, chopped dried mango, dried apricot, and pistachio nuts

The links to the recipes are on this home cooking thread.

Anyway some interesting, simple ways of using the cheese …

- Drizzling small balls with Port wine or Madeira and soaking for a week. They are then mashed and served on toast.
- While it pairs well with many wines, there was a suggestion it is excellent with beer
- With black and whole grain breads like rye or pumpernickel
- Paired with figs
- Salad with dried cherries, roasted walnuts, pomegranate vinaigrette and shaved mimolette cheese

Delicious french Mimolette and danish Bleu cheese served with an italian Crespone salami, fresh figs, grapes, nuts and wine.

All I found was this picture of mimolette cookies. Any know anything about these?

How do you feel it compares to Commissiekaas? It gets lots of mentions as the Dutch version, but doesn’t seem all that similar in looks and is colored with carrot juice.

Any other tips for Mimolette?

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