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Milk Braised Pork

John Scar | Mar 1, 2005 07:03 PM

Using the Marcella hazan recipe I set out to make this much talked about dish. I used a boston butt. It started off innocently enough. I had invited my mom over to the house to maybe help out a little with my 20 month old son so that I could do some cooking. Unfortunately my son, Jett, didn't want to leave his dad's side. So here I was cooking with my son straped to my side and my mom watching, she must have been giggling inside thinking about having 4 rugrats running around her house when we were young and me struggling here with just one. My first dilema came when I noticed my pot i was cooking in might have been to big. In the recipe it says to have pork fit snugly in a pot. So I transferred to a smallish pottrying to get a lot of the bits and pieces on the side of the pot. The next dilema came at the point where you add the extra milk at the "nut brown" color of the sauce. I started thinking "what nut would i use for "nut brown"? I only panicked because you were not to add the milk until this stage, Hazan was clear about it. So anyway, I thought this looks nutty enough to me and added the next stage of milk. Now it was time to bath Jett and get him ready for bed, unfortunately mom didn't offer her bathing services, so I was off to get the bath ready. After bath and bedtime clothes were on I got his nightime milk ready. Of course he wouldn't drink it unless I was with him. I have to say all this behavior is pretty unusual with my kid. He is very good and is real friendly with ev ereryone. Now its been a good 2.5-3hours and I still don't think the sauce is done. My mom is hungry so she cuts off some meat and has some veggies and is gone. I'm a little upset becuause I think I have somehow screwed this dish up. I cook it a little more and then decide to let it sit for awhile so i can defat the dish then go to bed.
The next day I decide to seperate sauce from pork and let it boil down a little then hit it with some water like the recipe says. I heat up pork and serve it. It was good. My wife really liked it. I served with some green beans with a gratinee topping, these were great.
Day three I decide to take leftovers and make a little pasta dish. I took the sauce added a little milk then shredded the pork and added to the pot and lightly simmered for 30 minutes and served over pasta and some shaved parmesean. This dish was wonderful.
in summary i would like to know what "nut brown" is and try this dish again. I want to make sure it was made correctly. I would also like to know what size pot is the right size for a boston butt? I used a sauce pan.

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