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Help! Militant Organic Roomy!!!!

jayhawk | Apr 7, 200805:30 PM

I moved in with a wonderful roomy earlier this year. We are both single ladies in our "middle" years. I'm a single parent, she has no children....which I'm not sure is really apropos.....BUT

When my son and I moved in, we were in some dire economic straits due to health problems that I had been having. She is a hard-core organic eater.....to the extent that she is even opposed to cooking foods except when absolutely essential. She suggessted that my health problems could be solved by eating organic, and stated that while I am at her house my son and I should eat organic...."because if you get sick, then it affects me too".

We then embarked on several weeks where discussions were held regularly about why certain foods that I had purchased were "bad". This included many organic foods that I had purchased in an attempt to comply with her request. Organic bread was only acceptable if it had no "enriched" flour. Organic cereal was still not good because it had too much sugar. Organic eggs were only good if they were fertilized. I could go on and on!

This woman has been very kind in many ways! I would really love to keep peace with her as well as respect her household. But I am not really interested in becoming an "organic" right now.....if that's even what it's called. Problem is, she's now insisting that we eat organic. She says that since we've discussed this, I now know better and I shouldn't use the excuse that it's difficult to change a lifetime of habits........just DO IT! The implication is, of course, OR ELSE!

Help! How does one deal with this kind of eating "religion"? How do you tell someone you really care for that she's crossed the line? Or am I crazy? --This is a trick question! ;)--

I'd be interested in hearing stories, suggestions, or even lectures (short please) on the subject.

Organicaly distressed

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