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Mike & Ike's pulls a new Coke, with similar results


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Mike & Ike's pulls a new Coke, with similar results

Karl S. | Aug 6, 2004 08:31 PM

Candy is not normally my thing. But I used to enjoy Mike & Ike's original fruits precisely because they were different from jelly beans in texture and flavor intensity (Jelly Bellies aside).

Well, over the past few months, they have phased out the classic variety and replaced them with anemic (despite the promise of "more juice"), flaccid wannabees, plus a very nasty tasty strawberry (a hard flavor to do right, and is usually not; candy makers used to wisely avoid the flavor because of this problem) that is hard to distinguish from cherry in artificial light.

I just managed to find two small bags of the classic variety, and the comparison is unflattering to the new stuff.

Sigh. Rant ended. Thanks for listening.

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