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The Mighty Potato


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The Mighty Potato

Buffalogal | May 3, 2009 12:07 PM

Have memories in your life caused your imagination to go out of control???

That first kiss, going to your first drive in movie, eating snails for the first time, hating school, but sometimes loving it? We could go on and on here....but I remember this....

Savoring the perfect French Fry...the double cooked french fry, cooked first at about 375, then second cooking at about 425 degrees, crispy outside, soft and tender outside, doused with malt vinegar, or creamy homemade mayo...perhaps with a hint of curry, dijon mustard spattered all over, or just plain old ketsup>>>this happened in 1980 in Brussels, Belgium.....

Now, today, reality bites....I am writing to you from Buffalo New York and I have a dream to open the best darn Pomme Frites store this side of the catskills...a few exist in NYC....but alas poor Bflo...

Is the potato really such a good thing???? Or are my memories simply taking my imagination on a ride????

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