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"We're done here" - the mid-meal departure [Moved from Texas Board]

ErinTulane | Jan 13, 2008 05:39 AM

We ate - or rather tried to eat - at a very well regarded local restaurant last night. We had heard that it was fantastic and were looking forward to a great meal. That never happened - everything went wrong with our experience.

This was the poorest service we have ever had in five years of eating out - entirely too much - together.

From the 20 minute wait at the bar for even a greeting (there were only 10 people at the bar, there were empty bar stools), to being asked to move, to the bad table where we were sat (dim drafty corner out of view of the main room staring at a door), to running out of certain dishes, to the entrees that arrived so long after our app they were cold, little went right with our visit. When the waiter offered to re-heat (and thereby overcook) my husband's lamb shank, (they were out of the braised osso bucco) he responded with "thanks, but I think we're done here." The highlight of our experience was the manner in which our waiter handled our departure.

This was a first for us and hopefully an only - we are not complainers and frankly we are not picky - but we left mid-meal. The only other time I have done that in my life was in New Orleans and involved a cockroach.

It was almost 10 when we left and we sought out a place we were certain would still serve us. On that criteria we chose Toulouse. I know Toulouse is much maligned on this board but let me tell you, from the always warm greeting at the door which involved a kiss on each cheek, our meal was friendly, prompt and properly prepared. It was a welcome change.

Everyone has a bad day at the office and the restaurant's reputation is likely built on the back of the house. Maybe this one of those freak instances of all of the bad things happening to one set of customers.

But I am curious, has anyone else on this board left a restaurant mid-meal? Tell us your story.

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