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Microwaves in restaurants: discuss


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Microwaves in restaurants: discuss

Olivia | Nov 7, 2007 06:29 AM

Went out last night for dinner at a place with $15-20 entrees. I ordered a fisherman's pie (like shepard's pie but with creamy fish and veg instead of lamb/beef), and while we were waiting for our food, we heard the distinctive ping of the microwave. Sure enough, when our food arrived, my mini-casserole dish arrived hot around the edges, and ice cold in the middle. I sent it back, heard the microwave again, and when it arrived back it was merely warm in the middle and screaming hot at the edges.

Am I the only person who gets pissed off by this? Like, if I wanted a microwaved entree, I would buy a goddamn Lean Cuisine and save myself the money. Or am I just a food snob?

My thinking is that they should have the potatoes in a hotel pan, hot and ready to go (their mashed is on other menu items), and then heat the fish-veg-cream mixture in a saucepan... assemble, and flash under the salamander (which I saw!) to brown the potatoes. Is that too much to ask? #@$%!!!!

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