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Is there a microwave oven that can actually bake with convection?

mama who loves to cook | Jan 13, 2008 02:40 PM

I have seen convection microwaves but from my reading, there is no baking, only grilling and browning. Years ago, I looked at a home * when we were in the market to buy* and saw a Dacor wall unit with a regular bake oven on top with a combo microwave real oven.. it had the racks inside but yet it was a microwave.. I looked on the net and have not seen anything close. There is a convection microwave they make but it has a round rack insert you stick in... it doesn't seem to be the function of both. I am in need to find something that can be a second oven for me.. where there are electric elements and a fan convection element to bake.. My current microwave, as great as it is, is built in super high and it makes taking things out dangerous for me unless I use a step stool.. I figured if I could combine a microwave oven that is powerful( key here) and the power to bake and have convection right on the counter, it might be what I need.. mind you, the unit has to be able to fit a 9 x 13 dish in it, bake 2 round cake pans, pies, 2 pizzas at once... with no microwaving involved,,, Any suggestions would be great.. Thank you.

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