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Microwave cooking whole fish Cantonese style for Joel Teller


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Microwave cooking whole fish Cantonese style for Joel Teller

yimster | Dec 12, 2004 11:36 AM

Cooking fish is a microwave is really clean, quick and easy. We had a discussion on the San Francisco Board about cooking fish Cantonese style. Joel Teller requested this method to be posted on this board. This an overview of cooking fish in the microwave not individual recipe of one type of fish.

One way a lot of Cantonese cook fish is to steam it. This is sometime a big production. A complete steamer setup is required time and it takes a lot of room.

We have been microwaving fish for years. We have 1500 watts microwave with a turntable. We use the high setting and cook about 3 minutes a lb of whole fish (clean, gutted with head and tail intact). It must be a whole fish. Do not spilt the fish either. Have not use fillets because we normally stir fry fish fillets.

Place fish in a high edge dish cover with plastic wrap and cook at high for about 3 minutes a pound of fish. When complete wait a couple of minutes after the microwave stops then remove the plastic wrap and pour out any water from the plate. This water from the fish will have a fishy taste and smell.

Add cut some fresh ginger and green onions on top of the fish. Then heat some peanut oil and sesame oil. When the oil is just smoking remove from the heat. Pour some good soy sauce over the fish then add the hot oil. My wife sometimes will heat the soy sauce and add a little sugar to add a sweet taste to the fish.

We have cooked all types of fish in this manner. The toppings will depend on the type of fish. We have only whole fish in this manner. I have not done fillets so I not sure about the setting for boneless fish.

The way the microwave cooks is from the inside out which means the fish is fully cooked and not under cooked. But trail and error is the only way to gauge your own microwave cooking process. We recently got a new microwave and it took three fish to develop the right timing.

Two pluses for cooking in this manner easy cleanup and little fish smell in the house. Which why we never cook salted fish and chicken fried rice at home. The dish is wonderful but the smell for days after is not..

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