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Micronesian dinner party ideas

weem | Sep 12, 2010 12:11 PM

Here's what some friends and I decided to do for a birthday dinner party. In advance of the party, we blindfolded the birthday boy and had him point to a spot on a globe, with the understanding that we would make him dinner using food and recipes from wherever he pointed (within reason, of course).

Well, wouldn't you know, he pointed to Fayu, an apparently uninhabited island in the Pacific. (And yes, it strikes me as odd that such a place would even be labeled on my globe.) But we decided to rise to the challenge. Preliminary internet searches show that it's part of the Chuuk Islands, which is part of the Caroline Islands, which is part of Micronesia.

We could be lazy and just make some vaguely tropical dinner of fish and coconut, but part of the point was the fun of research and learning about a new cuisine. Nevertheless, I'm a little stymied in my initial research. I am finding information about the culture and cuisines of, say, Indonesia and Polynesia, but I would like to honor the fact that Micronesia is a different place. It would be fantastic if we could be even more specific than that (Caroline Islands, or even Chuuk Islands), but at this point, Micronesia would do.

So I thought I'd put it out to the Chowhound folks. Any tips or suggestions? Any particular websites I should be looking at?

By the way, this will be done in a city apartment. We might be able to use an outdoor grill, but we can't be digging a fire pit to roast a suckling pig or anything like that. Dinner will probably be for about four to six people.


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