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Michael Ruhlman: Expert in Residence!


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Michael Ruhlman: Expert in Residence!

Roxanne Webber | Oct 5, 2009 01:30 PM

Michael Ruhlman will be in residence on Chowhound for the week starting today, Monday, October 5, responding to questions about everything from DIY charcuterie and sausage making to his latest book, "Ratio." ( Brian Polcyn, who co-wrote "Charcuterie" with Michael, might be stopping in as well.

Michael is a cookbook author and food writer from Cleveland. You may have seen him on "No Reservations Las Vegas" riding shotgun with Anthony Bourdain, or seen his name on "The French Laundry Cookbook," which he coauthored with Thomas Keller and the FL team. His work also includes the "… of a Chef" series of books, which explore the world of professional cooking; "Charcuterie," on making cured meats and sausage at home; and "The Elements of Cooking," his riff on the famous writing handbook "The Elements of Style."

You can check out some of Michael's work here:

Michael's blog:


"The Elements of Cooking":


Michael will be checking in at least once a day October 5-9 to respond. He's a great resource for any questions you may have on making sausage and charcuterie at home or mastering basic cooking ratios. Some ideas for what he might discuss are:

-What's the easiest meat to start curing at home?
-Where do I get sausage-making supplies?
-What's the best way to case sausages?
-What's the most versatile cooking ratio to remember?

Keep Michael busy -- start asking questions!

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