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Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic


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Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

Robert Lauriston | Jun 10, 2013 09:53 AM

Bauer explains in his blog post today that he gave Sir and Star three and 3.5 stars for food because the prices are so low.

Where's the logic in that? He rates food, service, atmosphere, price, and noise separately. As a reader, when I see a breakdown like that, I figure the "overall" rating is the place where a restaurant gets extra points for being a good value.

Part of the problem is probably that he hasn't updated the price ratings since 2000 except to add $1 to the breakpoint between inexpensive and moderate:

$ = Inexpensive: entrees $10 and under
$$ = Moderate: $11-$17
$$$ = Expensive: $18-$24
$$$$ = Very Expensive: more than $25

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