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Belkisw | Mar 19, 201907:55 AM    

Hi all, given that there isn't too much on Chowhound re the food scene in Miami, I wanted to share my notes from my last trip there:

Stubborn Seed- the service isn’t great, lots of kinks to still work out. Often we got our course but the wine pairing came way later, small things like that. The atmosphere also leaves a lot to be desired. The wine pairings though were well chosen overall. In terms of the meal, there were several standout bites, and a few dishes that fell a bit flat. Worth going I would say but it falls short if you are comparing it to Alter.

Phuc Yea- We went for brunch. Nothing great, really not exceptional Vietnamese flavors. Their famous noodles are yummy but simple.

Eating House- We also went here for brunch. The carbonara eggs are awesome. Tatter tots really yummy. The famous pancakes are a bit much after a bite but yummy if you want a sugar bomb. The think we didn’t like was the tomato salad, it was too sweet.

Alter- Wow! This is one of the best tasting menus I have had in the US, with some dishes that I will remember for years (like the egg, scallop and caviar). Service was fab, the dining room is great. Pairing was great, the only thing that wasn’t was dessert. I strongly recommend going, booked to eat at the chef’s counter, and getting the longer tasting menu.

Bazaar Mar by Jose Andrés- First off the room is really stunning. Second, great cocktails including the frozen caipirinha made tableside and the margarita. The ceviches were both lovely- copia and tuna. Hamachi cone and Asian style tacos were also good. Funnel cake less so. Po boy nice if too bready. Neptune pillows yummy. Overall I would say it is a very solid meal. He is copying a range of dishes created by Ferran Adria, but he is up front about it.

Mignonette- A nice lunch spot. The lobster roll is not quite as good as New England, but the oyster selection was great and the scallop appetizer dish was lovely. The lobster deviled eggs were tasty if not the most exciting.

Naoe- 700 USD later, and an omakase meal at a sushi counter only to have six nigiri bites and two slices of sashimi? He fills you up on miso soup, barley, fried fish, and all sorts of other fillers. His rice ratio on the nigiri are also way too high in my view. Unacceptable as a sushi meal in my view, though he is nice, and his sake and tea selection are good.

The Den at Azabu Miami- this is a great omakase meal. Book the 150 USD menu, and add the extra toro and uni course, and you will be smiling for the rest of the day. This isn't the best sushi I have had outside of Japan, but it is up there. And they have some real Japanese delicacies (think monkfish liver, miso baked crab's head, etc.) Really a pleasure, and overall much cheaper then Naoe. I would be surprised if Naoe goes bust, now that The Den exists.

KYU- Absolutely delicious asian flavours mixed with southern BBQ techniques. The Korean fried chicken wasn't perfect (a few pieces were slightly dry on the inside) but the breading and sauce and spinach were awesome. The short rib- WOW. Great BBQ, good cocktails, and loved the atmosphere.

Taquiza- We came here for lunch, heard these were the most legit tacos in Miami... I would say they were good, but not great, lacked heat and complexity of flavor that you get at a good Mexican spot. But the quality of the tacos and totopos were solid.

Stubborn Seed
Phuc Yea
Eating House Miami
Mignonette Downtown
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