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Mexican Sauce in a Box


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Mexican Sauce in a Box

samgee | Sep 27, 2004 08:00 AM

I recently came across this product and used it for the first time with decent results. It is a line of mexican sauces made by Knorr that include mole, guajillo, pasilla, and chipotle. It is packaged similiar to chicken broth, soymilk, etc in a rectangular, non refrigerated box. They are made in Mexico. I attach a link.

The sauce has a very good finish to it--does not have a "canned" after taste. Of course not as fresh tasting as preparing the chilis yourself, but convenient, less time consuming, and much less messy. Working with real chilis will permanently stain just about everyting it touches, I have learned the hard way.

I cut up some roast on sale (beef bottom) into cubes, browned, and simmered covered at low heat until tender (2 hours) with only onions added and not bad at all. Towards the end, removed the cover to reduce to a thicker consistency. Poured over rice.

But this post is really about getting ideas for future use from the board. I am thinking flank would go well, pulling out when tender, shredding and re-inserting, so as to serve as a tortilla or enchilada filling. Perhaps also, adding carrots, green and red peppers. I have several boxes left. Tell me what to do with them.


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