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Help me with my Mexican Rice!!!


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Help me with my Mexican Rice!!!

queue | Jan 31, 2006 12:44 PM

I always have problems making Mexican rice .... it never seems to cook through all the way. I don't have any problems making any other kind of rice! I'm thinking maybe the problem is the kind of rice I've been using? Rick Bayless says to use a medium grain rice for best results .... I can't seem to find medium grain rice anywhere! I can find all kinds of indian, italian, asian rices, but no Mexican rice. Last time I tried a basic Goya rice (extra long grain, but at least it seemed kind of neutral) and it was awful - some parts mushy, others still crunchy. I think the rice must have been really old. So I'm seeking any kind of tips you can share! Should I try a Spanish Valencia rice?

On a brighter note, I broke out the new tortilla press yesterday and made my own tortillas for the very first time. It was easy and fun! I used dried masa harina (maseca brand), keeping in mind tips from this board to keep the dough WET, and they were better than the local factory made ones ... yum yum!

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