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Friday night around 9pm I found myself on Lawrence Ave and decided it was a perfect opportunity to give Rene’s Yellow Book pick of Mike’s Filipino Chicken a try, no such luck. Mike’s closes at 7pm every day of the week but Sunday, when it is closed altogether. Undaunted in my Chowhound quest I ran through the possibilities, Falafel King, Penguin, Kalbi, Great Sea, Admiral Theater, then it hit me, Vitalinformation’s Mexican Chicken joint.

It’s my duty to report that, while the pollo asado at Mexican Grilled Chicken is perfectly acceptable, it is nothing out of the ordinary. The chicken, while juicy with a slight grill flavor did not have a unique flavor from spicing or marination, it was simply good grilled chicken. Now don’t get me wrong, flavorful grilled chicken is a thing of beauty, but any halfway competent backyard griller can make tastier chicken half asleep and half in the bag.

The restaurant was clean, the help friendly, though zero English is spoken, the sides of rice and beans were fine, if not a little bland, and my take out chicken half came with tortillas, a small salad and a generous amount of salsas. In fact, they were almost overgenerous with the sauce, giving me 9 small containers of three different kinds of sauce, spicy fresh pico de gallo, a smooth mildly spicy green salsa and, what appeared to be Tapatio straight from the bottle.

Interestingly, at least to Rob and a few others, there was a Korean man sitting at one of the side tables surveying the action, not eating, just watching. This, coupled with the fact that the restaurant business license is still made out to Ko Kee Ri, leads me to believe that the restaurant still has Korean owners. Korean Mexican grilled chicken, what’s next a Jewish deli run by Thais? Actually, there is (was?) a pretty good Jewish deli run by Thai’s on 55th or 57th in Hyde Park, for all I know it’s still there.

Mexican Grilled Chicken
3650 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL.
Tuesday-Friday 5pm-11pm
Saturday-Monday 11am-12pm
Mexican Grilled Chicken is a full service Mexican restaurant with all the usual suspects.

Mikes Filipino Chicken
2501 W Lawrence
Chicago, IL
Closed Sunday

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