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What is Mexican Cuisine To You?


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What is Mexican Cuisine To You?

Eat_Nopal | Apr 12, 2007 01:57 PM

Related to the thread where the Aussie Mex-Food virgin was trying to get an understanding of the cuisine... I would love everyone's thoughts on what Mexican cusine mean to you? What is its raison d'etre in your life?

I would expect that for most people its a festive, colorful, assertively flavored, fun cuisine. To me sure there is a festive component that is very important... but that is the exception... the weekend fiesta at a friend's home, the town's annual 2 week fiesta... to me its mostly Central Mexico... its the daily meals at home, it is the true traditions... those that predate industrialization.

Its going to the mercado everyday for fresh ingredients, and using chiles, herbs, tomatoes, tomatillos and a sparse amount of meat to flavor vegetables & legumes... its respecting the ancient balance of cold & hot foods, raw & cooked in every meal. Its the cuisine where eating 10 servings of fruits, vegetables & legumes every day is effortless and delicious. Its embodied by classics like Pozole with a little bit of meat, hominy & dried chiles to flavor the broth that will absorb piles of raw, crunchy vegetables... and your basic millenary peasant meal of clay pot beans with greens, handmade corn tortillas, spicy salsas washed down with a clay mug full of nourishing amaranth, corn & chile atole.

I know we all have different ideas of what it is to you?

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