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Tell me about Mexican chorizo, por favor


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Tell me about Mexican chorizo, por favor

rworange | Aug 5, 2006 11:49 PM

After almost two years, I finally decided to check out the Mexican markets near my home.

It turns out that not only do most of them make their own queso fresco, they also make their own chorizo ... two kinds.

The first is plump fresh chorizo found in the meat counter usually coiled like a thick fat snake or tied of with corn husks in little links. Sort of like this picture

The second usually hang from the walls ... unending lengths of sausage looped around a rack. It looks closer to dry Spanish chorizo and is almost plasma red. These have deep flavors of chile pepper and cinnamon. It sort of looks like this

How are these two differnt styles used? Does the unrefrigerated chorizo need to be cooked.

I am so excited about these finds. Little artisans on ever corner without the PR hype ... turning out sausages and cheese on the cheap. I bought a pound of two types of chorizo and a hunk of fresh cheese for $3.19. I passed on the house-made salsa and the mole as deep and dark brown as soil Those were $2 for a pint.

I've already tried a few other markets, and pretty much been frying the chorizo up and scrambling with eggs ... and the flavor has been deeply satifying and better than anything I've had in Mexican restaurants to date.

However what is the diffference betweent the two chorizos and how should they be used.

Educate me please, so I can get my degree ...

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