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brad brown | Jun 14, 2005 06:32 PM

ok, so I don't know good Mexican from bad. I got my start with taco bell. The first really good Mexican food I had here in boston was at Yucatan tacos in arboretum village (kinda between Jp and West Rox) good soft corn tortillas fresh tasting fillings. Seems to me that this is what it should be. Much to my suprise, I orderd a few tacos from Romero's pizza in the center of Roslindale sq. This Mexican familly must have bought the place or at least got the owner to let them cook up some stuff. They did not have a take out menu ready yet, so I am going by memory, but they had a lot of items including seafood, salads etc. Tacos, both hard and soft were $2. Dinner plates were $6.
I had three soft tacos. Beef, pork and chix.
All were fresh tasting with cilantro and onion, hot sauce on the side. There was something different about these tacos though....
I can't describe it other than to say for the next two hours I felt like I had eaten something special.
Like I said I don't know good Mexican from bad but this place did it for me today, I will return.


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