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Metropolitan Coffee and Wine Bar: Federal Hill (review)


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Metropolitan Coffee and Wine Bar: Federal Hill (review)

KAZ | Jan 7, 2005 12:29 PM

For those of you who don't know, the Metropolitan is on south Charles Street in the space that used to be Cafe Brio and used to be the old One World before that. I haven't seen a review on here yet, so here goes.

The space hasn't changed much from the One World days. Cosy room downstairs, two large rooms upstairs (pool table is gone). They have added a few taps downstairs at the bar which really makes downstairs a nice place to grab a drink. Right there it is already an improvement over Cafe Brio, which didn't even offer us that.

On to the food. The menu extends from prime rib to hamburgers. Nothing out of the ordinary. I had the chipolte stuffed chicken. Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mushrooms in a chipolte cream sauce with a side of mashed potatoes and string beans. Ok but not great (why can't chefs master the basics before trying dishes like these?). Others at my table had the shrimp and artichoke pasta (WAY too much cream in the sauce, or was the sauce only cream) and the southwestern steak. The southwestern steak was the pick of the liter and even that wasn't anything to write home about. It seems the chef is over impressed with the need to put adjectives on menu item and should stick with the basics.

The wine list is impressive and reasonable. We had a nice Aussie cab/shiraz for $21.

Best point of the restaraunt: it is all smoke free all the time. The upstairs has a few couches and comfortbale chairs which makes it nice to lounge and have a drink. My take: it is a nice place to grab a smoke free drink and to meet up with friends. But if you are planning on eating good, I would go down the street to Corks or even Sobo Cafe.

Grade: B-
Restaraunt it is most like food wise: Bandaloops.

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