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A Message "To" Chowhound - Material Changes that have a significant impact on your member experience MUST be communicated broadly and clearly

Breadcrumbs | Dec 18, 201405:35 PM     1

Just over a week ago in your message to the community you told us:

"While many frustrations remain from decisions made years before our time here, we’d like a clean slate to discuss the site as it exists today. It can be frustrating to be a dedicated user of a site and feel that your concerns are not being heard, and we want to improve that."

I actually took you at your word and made some suggestions for improvement at that time.

The change you made yesterday was, IMHO, an epic fail. You are so fortunate to have a community of passionate, dedicated members that provided you with immediate feedback to that end. They have delivered you a message loud and clear, the change you made is unwelcome. If you still feel it is necessary and if you truly feel it addresses a member need, make it an "option" and make the previous format the default or norm. Even folks who normally don't frequent the Site Talk Board have weighed in there and in other threads to express their confusion, frustration and dismay.

If you are truly committed to hearing your members concerns then your actions will speak far more emphatically than your words.

You can't change the past experiences we've had but you can chart a new course. Why not seize the moment and make the new pagination approach an option vs the default. Respond to the collective voice of your members.

If you are unable to do so, then please learn from this experience. Material changes that have a significant impact on your member experience MUST be communicated broadly and clearly. Show us, don't tell us we've been heard.

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