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Menudo across Mexico

kare_raisu | Apr 9, 200807:26 PM

I am fascinated by this soup; for me, nothing is more craving enducing than Menudo. There is not much I could find on the net in regards to regionality and different ingredients/interpretations of the tripe stew but I found a good book near the border.

Cocina Tradicional mexicana: Platillos para chuparse los dedos by Blanca Nieto lists 4.

Under 'Nuevo Leon' we have:
Menudo de la Frontera.
Pozole corn, tripe, veal hooves, ancho chiles, tomatoes, garlic, salt and oregano.

'San Luis Potosi'
Cafe de Hueso:
Tripe, lamb feet, onions, lard, carrots, garbanzos, anchos, garlic, limes, pequin, cumin, & bread.

"De la tradiccion Mexicana"
Tripe, beef feet, garbanzos, cabbage, plantain, chorizos, garlic, ancho, olives, capers, oregano, "chiles curados," "especia fina"

There is also a Pancita Rellena recipe - Mexican haggis!

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