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Menudo flavoring--Fishy?


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Menudo flavoring--Fishy?

Bada Bing | May 18, 2013 02:58 PM

I got Menudo for the first time a while back at a solid Mexican place here in northern Indiana--it was a little restaurant set-up within a Supermercado. Delicious. Definitely a powerful beefy broth with tripe and whatever else going on in there, with herbs and tortillas and condiments on the side.

Next, I try a different place a town or two away. Had good rap on Yelp for the town. SImilar supermercado and restaurant set-up, and the place was very busy, but admittedly not predominately with Hispanics. Anyway, the menudo tasted fishy--the broth, that is, tasted pretty much all the way to being like a fish stock. Is that normally one of the menudo styles? The protein seemed to be only tripe.

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