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Need Menu For Small Dinner Party


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Need Menu For Small Dinner Party

Tehama | Feb 19, 2009 01:34 PM

Hi all!

So, next Friday I need to make dinner for 6 people.

Here are my problems. I have been "boasting" about loving to cook, so I think they are probably expecting something really fantastic.

Further - I am in law school fulltime, which equals no time to do anything (much less cook), as well as a limited budget.

What was I thinking getting myself into this?

I was thinking about a couple of roast chickens or a pasta, but neither of those seem very special/ company worthy. I made Rachel Ray's quick cassoulet last weekend (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ra...) and it was quite wonderful, but again, it doesn't seem "fancy' enough for company. I also thought about a poached salmon, but is that something you can serve on a cold, February night?

Any affordable, elegant ideas would be much appreciated. Oh, yes, (1) if they can partially be made ahead of time, or (2) any of you want to help me cook, that'd be great too! LOL.

I appreciate it so much!!

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