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Menu Planning Help - Baby Shower

pnkpirateak | Jan 23, 201504:37 PM     19

I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister and her husband in March, in Ohio.

I originally planned to do a full lunch...but I've decided I'd like to do something less consuming so I can enjoy the time with my sister and not stress her out with over-the-top food preparation.

I'm struggling with the creation of the menu.

First, I thought it would be nice to tie the food in with the theme we've decided on, which centered around the idea of a 'Little Gentleman." I thought it would be cool to do some mini versions of 'guy food' like sliders, baked mac-n-cheese, meatballs, maybe a chili bar with toppings - but this seems like really heavy food for a baby shower.

So, I decided to scrap the themed idea and just make simple food everyone would like.

Currently, I'm considering some room temp or chilled finger foods like crostini with 2-3 types of toppings and a decadent cheese/fruit/olive/marcona almond spread. But that's where I get stuck...it seems like I should have something warm and comforting to kind of anchor it - like a big pot of soup or stew or paella or something.....I thought maybe a deconstructed salad of warm, roasted vegetables?

Any thoughts on these concepts and additional ideas are appreciated... of course there will also be a cake, some other desserts, and beverages...but I'm really struggling with the savories...


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