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New 'Menu Items That Need to Be Retired", 2012 edition...

gingershelley | Feb 19, 201204:56 PM

I think we should start a new '2012' edition of 'Menu items that need to be retired"!

Mods? Can you lock the oldone and let us start another since the old one is sooooo long?

Well worth looking at for a hoot n a 1/2 that goes back to 2007, if you haven't read it.

It is SO entertaining - and I can hardly believe in reading through it today how long some of these awful trends have stuck around so long...

But surely, we can get on with a more current list, such as the bacon-bashing above from It's still mooing, and stuffed crust pizza by dianne0712.

Pretty much, if it is on Applebee's menu, or chili's, or Outback, it probably is not on a CH'ers radar; chicken ceasar salad, 'spring greens' commercial salad dressings, pizza with ranch and chicken on it, etc.

What IS on our 'so over it" lists these days?

I still wonder why cupcakes JUST WONT DIE?

Sliders? Really? Still?

Bad crabcakes have not left the arena either... sigh.

What items do you keep seeing on menu's that should just. stop. already?

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