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Mention Problem to Waiter or Grin and Bear It?

invinotheresverde | Mar 17, 200807:41 AM

Stemming off a Boston thread about an unhappy Restaurant Week experience...

Do you complain to your waiter if something is wrong with your dinner or do you suck it up, only to go home and write a negative review about the place you dined at?

In this case, it was super-under-cooked risotto, which, in my opinion, could've been rectified in mere minutes by mentioning it to the waiter. Isn't that what he's there for? Didn't he check back on you to make sure you were enjoying things? And, not that this is your responsibility, but I'm sure the kitchen would've wanted to know there was a major flaw in their product, rendering it inedible...even during Restaurant Week.

I try to be polite to everyone, not impose on people, and generally try not to step on toes or make people uncomfortable. However, if I'm not getting what I pay for, you can bet your bippy I'm speaking up. I'm in no way, shape or form frugal or cheap, but I hate getting ripped off. If something isn't up to par, I'm going to mention it (politely, of course).

I guess I just don't understand why someone would just sit there and be unhappy with basically their whole meal (except dessert, in the case of the OP), but mention nothing. Most dining problems are a breeze to fix. Now, he's obviously upset enough to post about it, which has left a bad taste in his mouth regarding the restaurant (and perhaps to others, due to the post), when a simple, "Excuse me, I think this risotto is very undercooked" would've nipped the problem in the bud. I'd wager the rest of the dinner would've been flawless after a major kitchen blunder like that, to boot.

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