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Mendy's 3rd avenue avoid like the plague

Cholent Fresser | Oct 8, 2016 09:16 PM

Was in the area from out of town a few weeks ago late afternoon was meeting a client for early dinner. And hadn't eaten lunch wanted a "snack"
Went to the Mendys in the atrium saw pic of beautiful corned beef sandwich asked the moronic guy behind the counter if he slices the corned beef fresh he said "sure" I ordered a CB sandwich.
I watched him open a drawer and take out a wrapped brown small stack of something asked him what is that? He said your CB! I said ..."forget it" do you have fresh burgers? Moron said of course what do you want with it ? Asked him if he has fries? He said "sure"

stepped outside to make phone call

Came in as he was taking burger out of microwave. I said WTF? He makes burger and gives me burger with ....rice. I said what's this ??
Moron said you said Rice. I said you idiot! I said fries?
He said we don't have fries...who the heck sells burgers without fries??!

Like an idiot I paid cuz I was hungry
Sat outside took one bite and spit it out. Took it back inside left it on the counter and left

You want the worst garbage in NYC?
Go there

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