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Any memories of "poor people food" from your childhood that you still crave?

QueenDairy | Jan 21, 201207:00 PM

My mother was amazing, raising three children all by herself. We were very poor, but simple and happy. I have very fond memories of the different things she would concoct to feed us! Some of it I still think of, and want to cook again.
She used to make sorullos ("cigars" ) with yellow corn meal dough. She stuffed them with American cheese and ground beef if we had any, and fry them until golden brown. I used to love those as a child, imagining they were submarines, or fat cigars. Haha! :D They were very yummy and crispy.

Here is a recipe similiar to what she made, except for the filling:
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Also, she used to fry little dough patties (flour, adobo, water) and serve it to us on a bed of white rice and beans. Another variation of the fried dough used flour, water only, fried and dusted with sugar and cinnamon. I used to love those! There are so many "poor" meals I've enjoyed, and still make today, simply because they are delicious :) Do you have any?

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