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Zero200 | Jul 21, 2008 05:08 PM

I have taken a read through many posts, and this seems to be a great place, so I decided to join. Thank-You all for all of the info. out there.

I am starting to get more interested in the "art" of cooking instead of slapping something together, and am hungery for information.

I do have a question though. I have just picked up a set of Wusthof knives. Oh, wait you dont like to hear "set". Well, I picked up a 8" Cheif, 6" Sandwich, and 3.5" Pearing knife. Well, I dont like the idea of using a steel on the knives. I have poor judgement on freehand angles, and do not want myself (or wife) to ruin the knives. I do have a nice Spyderco Triangle Sharpening System that works very well. Can you substitute using a steel with a fine toughup on the ultra fine stone with the Spyderco system? If so, would you use it every time the knife is used, or just every dozen times?



If you are in Canada and want to pickup a nice set of knives, the best deal I have found is at They have those three knives with no block for $130.00, and if you live in Canada, you know how everything is somehow more expensive than purchasing from the US, and places like will not ship knives to Canada.

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