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melting buttercream question

smokey | May 19, 200508:51 AM

Recently, there have been quite a few posts on the 'melting' nature of buttercream in the summer. So, I'm a bit confused, looking for some feedback.

Last summer, for a special event, I made two roulades. Both with vanilla spongecake, two different syrups (one with lemon extract and one with almond extract). Lemon extract one went on cake, spread cake with bit of homemade blueberry jame, bit of lemoncurd/buttercream mix. The almond extract simple syrup went on other cake, which was filled with homemade peach preserves. The cakes were then rolled, wrapped in saran and put in fridge for a day or two.

Morning of event (roughly 8am), they're pulled out of fridge. I pull out of fridge the Italian meringue buttercream I had made a day or two before. I don't remember exact recipe, but I was quite conservative in the amount of 'flavoring liquid' I added to the respective buttercreams (one got almond extract and one got lemon extract). I warm them up a bit, beat them and decorate the respective cakes.

I know that I left the roulades out of the fridge at that point (refrigerated buttercream tastes like a stick of butter, which it is, but I don't want it to taste that way!). I think I served the roulades at around 2:30, so they had been out of the fridge for a good 6.5 hours or so. This was late June in DC, and while I'm pretty sure I had the AC on while we were out of the house, I don't keep my house like a walk in fridge or anything.

I didn't have a single problem with weepy, melting buttercream. Is this a function of the more stable nature of the Italian buttercream vs. a Swiss buttercream (Italians clearly being more stable than Swiss and all!)? Did God intervene in my buttercream because he/she/it knew I would have a nervous breakdown if the buttercream on the roulades I was serving after my son's baptism to a bunch of relatives I don't like melted off the cake? Was I just lucky?

Just curious,


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