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Melange of Cultures: US/Canada/UK/Europe


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Melange of Cultures: US/Canada/UK/Europe

Amin -LondonFoodie '''' | Apr 30, 2005 05:43 AM

I hope this post will get your active support. It is
slightly longish, but I never learned about precis in
my school days, hence tend to ramble on.

While surfing the Boston board, came across an OP's
request for Persian food,Nikki Z reflected that while
she was not Persian she grew up in a town in NY with
a large Persian population & another poster (DrJooly)
guessed it as being Great Neck.

To quote the words of yet another poster (Heathen &
Spells) on the same boston thread …. wonderful melange
of tastes, spices, ethnic identities/cultures..., this
brings me to my question:

Good regional food, specially those from a different
ethnic or cultural background can often be experienced
by identifying the areas where a certain group of 19-
21st century settlers decided to lay their tired bones
and start afresh.

Example: NY/Gt.Neck -Persian
NY ??? -Italian
NY/Port Chester -Latin American
MI/Deerborn -Arab/Middle Eastern
Toronto -Asian / Mississauga ?
VA -Chinese/Han Ah Rheum (area ??)
VA -Latin American Washington &
Pershing -Arlington. Also Colombia
Heights /North of Monroe
VA -Asian -Eden Centre (area?)

Similarly Atlanta,Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles,Miami,
Sacramento, SF., Toronto, Montreal, and other US/
Canadian cities/states have many areas that are
specially favoured by those who have migrated at some
point in time from other countries, and cultures,
having contributed to the economic prosperity of the
Country as well as of themselves, so let's see if we
can identify such areas, and at the same time assess
where a hound may go to experience authenticity of
taste, flavour and smell

This thread could also include the UK - for example if
you want Indian/Pakistani chow in London, you can head
for Southall, Alperton, Ealing, or for a Caribbean
experience one might go to Nottinghill, Brixton,
Vietnamese/SE Asian to Hackney, Bangladeshi, to Brick
Lane and surrounding areas, Chinese around Piccadilly/
Soho, etc.

(note: Even if you live in other Countries e.g., France
Spain, Germany etc, please also provide your thoughts)

In the last 15 years the Korean community in London
has soared, with last count being around 24,000 in the
UK, out of which about 20,000 live in/around New
Malden / London, so if you want Korean ingredients or
food you are almost certain to find it there.

Similarly if you want Kosher food, there is a large
Jewish community in Golders Green, Brent, and Ealing
in particular. The French are mostly resident around
Kensington, Japanese prefer Central London areas, in
addition to which there is a fair size of Japanese for
example in Sunderland whereNissan have a manufacturing
plant. and liverpool as well as Brighton for example
have a large Chinese community.

If you have reached till here, thanks for reading
patiently till the end of this post.


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