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Meeting people who enjoy food like you do


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Meeting people who enjoy food like you do

sasha1 | May 2, 2007 03:13 PM

My family moves around quite a bit, and the majority of our ever fluctuating social circle is business colleagues. Interestingly, the pick of the draw here is that most of our friends seem to be pretty ambivalent about food. They eat, certainly, and seem to be happy when they've encountered something that tastes good. But, they don't enjoy it the way we do - they don't cook, they don't know the latest and greatest restaurants (or the hidden gems), they don't really know about food, and they don't go out of their way for it.

Whereas, I love to read this board, cooking magazines, browse cookbooks, try out new and far flung places, experiment in the kitchen ...

So this is a bit weird, but, how can I meet/find people who share my interest in all things food. Who will bring a homeade dish to a potluck instead of a box of cookies from the grocery or a bucket of chicken? Who will be as excited as me to try out the new bakery on the block or who actually know the difference between arugula and spinach.

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