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It's not Mediterranean--it's GREEK!


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It's not Mediterranean--it's GREEK!

Greekfood Koukla | Jun 9, 2009 08:45 AM

This has been tugging at me for a while now. The trend of calling foods "Mediterranean" is a worrisome trend for me since I've noticed that much Greek food is falling into this category, thus further pushing the "real" Greek cuisine even further into hiding.

Why are companies doing this? What prompted this exact post was a commercial I saw last night for the new McDonald's 'Mediterranean' salad. So, the commercial has greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, crumbled feta. This to me is a Greek salad, no? I've also seen this on salad dressings and frozen pizzas amongst other things when it very clearly is Greek, I've even seen 'Mediterranean souvlaki'!

So why not call it a Greek salad? What is keeping everyone from wanting to market things Greek? Is there a stigma out there about Greek food? Not well enough known to the general public? What's the story here? I guess this is in some cases the same as saying 'Southern' foods.

As a proud Greek, I am baffled and as stated above disappointed that our fantastic cuisine gets relegated to the Mediterranean basket every time. I'd like to hear fellow Chowhounds' thoughts on this.

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