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Why is my meatloaf taking so long?


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Why is my meatloaf taking so long?

susancinsf | Nov 6, 2006 02:17 AM

I am making my meatloaf following my usual recipe (which has a bit of everything based on about two pounds of lean ground beef), but it has now been in the usual 380 oven for a bit more than an hour...and isn't nearly done! and I am getting hungry...ordinarily it would at least be resting, if not consumed by now..

So there are two possible culprits: first, I am using a metal loaf pan, when in the past I have usually baked it in a pyrex dish (and a fairly large one at that). Could that make such a difference?

I am also using a fairly new oven, so I suppose that(different temperatures) could be the culprit, although I haven't experienced any different cooking times with my other usual dishes so far..

Any ideas?

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