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measuring spoon discrepancies


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measuring spoon discrepancies

Yvonne Lai | Oct 31, 2002 02:10 PM

Does anyone know what standard measurements for tablepoons and teaspoons are? I recall reading somewhere several years ago -- maybe in a NYT food article, maybe in the JoC? -- that different companies make tablespoon and teaspoon measures differently. I remember being struck by two examples of measurements they gave, one being more than twice the other! The article also said that most cooking shows and books use the same measurements Williams and Sonoma use. Unfortunately, there were are no Williams and Sonoma nearby where I live (Davis, CA) so I bought some Good Cook spoons today, and am wondering if (hoping that, actually) the measurements coincide with the Williams and Sonoma ones. If you know what article I'm talking about, and could send a link to it, that'd be great too.


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