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"Measured pour" cocktails [moved from Los Angeles board]


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"Measured pour" cocktails [moved from Los Angeles board]

josephnl | Sep 18, 2012 10:41 PM

[NOTE: We've moved this digression from the thread at - The Chowhound Team]

Hmmm! I've considered going there, but I hate restaurants that pour "measured" drinks. I enjoy a nice martini before dinner and am really turned off by restaurants that present a martini in a larger glass which is 2/3 filled and charge $15 for it. When this happens I usually pay for my drink, then walk out before eating. I never complain about price if I'm receiving value (by this i mean the quality/price ratio...and for most branded spirits the only measure of quality is a reasonably sized drink). I do not pay too much attention to price, but if a restaurant skimps on alcohol I assume, rightly or wrongly, that they are skimping on the food. It's sort of like, if the restrooms are not clean...what about the kitchen?

Have others noted skimpy drinks at Sotto? What about wine glass pours? Most smarter restaurants will use a measured carafe for a glass o wine.

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