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Meaningless restaurant tips: "and I don't even like crabcakes!"


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Meaningless restaurant tips: "and I don't even like crabcakes!"

Steve | Aug 19, 2005 04:05 PM

This is a plea for understanding. I am asking the Chowhound community to refrain from a certain type of recommendation that appears here from time to time. Like this:

I walk into a restaurant and a customer immediately extolls the crabcakes, they are a worlds best, I have to order them, and (here's the punchline)..."I don't even LIKE crabcakes."

Well, I happen to know people who travel miles out of their way to eat a crabcake. They love them; they have eaten hundreds, they follow any news or rumors about stellar crabcakes, perhaps they even make them at home, frustrated by the paucity of what's available. From people like this, I want to hear "it's delicious, you have to order them." Not someone who doesn't even like them in the first place.

Unfortunately, even on Chowhound we get the occassional meaningless recommendation. Please stop. You are not doing anyone any favors.

So what kind of crabcakes qualify as the 'world's best crabcakes' to someone who doesn't even like them? Well, they turned out to be large, flat discs of crispy and very browned shredded potatoes with a few morsels of claw meat. Just what I was looking for.

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