Meal Mart frozen Glatt Kosher ground beef


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Meal Mart frozen Glatt Kosher ground beef

bubaleh | Aug 10, 2012 05:45 PM

I just had the most unbelievable disgusting experience of my Kosher life. We bought 2 packages of meal mart Kosher ground beef from out local Publix (not implicated here; they are always top drawer! I'm sure we will get a cheerful refund).

The brand usually is kind of funky, smells odd is gray and otherwise not at all appealing when raw, but we eat it, or used to

Not anymore. This package was freezer burned or something; it had a nasty crust, and could be peeled away (maybe). It was the worst offal I have ever seen in ANY ground beef (including my pre-Kosher days with Winn-Dixie ground beef in a tube!

I suggest that either the beef was kept waaay too long in their freezers (no evidence of a date of production code, no wonder, ad a label indicating the beef was from Costa Rica, Canada, USA or Mexico (!!!).

Horrible. I think I will have PTSD after seeing and touching this execrable food like product. Kosher maybe....edible????NOT!

Anybody else have this experience?????

I should have known when I went to their website and saw "Correctional facility" meals as a tab....they feed this to locked up people who have no voice....I'd rather eat pork chops with cheddar cheese (is there such a meal?)

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